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Efficient irrigation systems guarantee that landscapes receive the care they deserve. Whether it be traditional spray sprinklers or drip irrigation, these intricate mechanical tools really are the driving force behind the healthy greenery of every property.

Eventually, every irrigation system requires an upgrade. The main reasons for this are the modification of the landscape or longevity of the unit. However, upgrading an existing system can turn into a daunting task due to the various complex parts it requires to function.

If your irrigation system needs an upgrade, we highly recommend you seek professional assistance from our experienced technicians. Even active DIY individuals, capable of performing basic maintenance and repairs, end up making common assembly errors that damage the capability of their system.

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Rerouting an irrigation system involves either expanding or constricting its reach by adding more zones or removing existing ones. The type of reroute will vary according to the specific needs of each landscape project. Although, the most common reasons for a reroute include:

Lawn Expansion – New areas of greenery also need to be watered. Otherwise, the plants will quickly dry up and die without the proper irrigation.

Tree Growth – Mature trees add shade to lawn areas that were previously exposed to sunlight. These green areas probably do not need to be watered anymore.

Landscape Redesign – Individuals that wish to modify the landscape of a property according to their vision need to update the system.

Pool Installation – Chances are great that the irrigation lines will need to be rerouted around the swimming pool before the installation project even begins.

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Over time, all irrigation systems are bound to experience wear and tear. Certain features may also turn useless as more sophisticated irrigation technology enters the market. As such, periodical inspections are necessary to modernize faulty or outdated components.

Most antiquated irrigation systems deliver water in a uniform pattern. This can be unpractical, especially for property owners that wish to control every aspect of their landscape. Maybe certain lawn areas do not need to be irrigated as much as other. Perhaps some plants require a different amount of water to remain healthy. Upgrading components, such as the control panel, will solve these issues.

Modernizing to a drip irrigation system is also a great option for property owners that have container plants, garden beds, or vegetables. While spray sprinklers are an effective solution to water large areas of greenery, drip lines control vegetation growth and minimize water consumption. Hence, converting a traditional sprinkler system to a drip irrigation system will surely reduce the cost of water bills.


The lifespan of an irrigation system could be extended with constant maintenance and repairs. Unfortunately, even well-preserved units need to be replaced at some point. In the irrigation industry, systems need to be upgraded approximately every 15 years.

While age is the best indicator, constant disrepairs also signal the necessity to replace an old system. These malfunctions include inconsistent irrigation patterns, pressure imbalances, unresponsive control valves, underground leaks, potable water contamination, etc.

If you own an outdated irrigation system that constantly breaks down, then call us to schedule an on-site appointment. Our technicians will inspect your system and determine if the faulty mechanical parts need to be repaired or replaced. After that, you can make a smart decision based on our assessment.