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Drip System Installation in Bakersfield, CA

Few things are more important to the success of your landscaping than getting a watering device that meets your needs. Our company is ready to help with the design, installation and maintenance of your irrigation system.

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Drip Irrigation Services

Conserving water not only has benefits for the environment, but it can save homeowners a considerable amount of money each year. Drip irrigation is turning more popular as these advantages become widely known. Drip systems are ideal for individuals who have flower beds and vegetable gardens.

A drip irrigation system is a network of tubes that carries water directly to the roots of plants, rather than saturating the landscape soil with unnecessary amounts of water. Drip irrigation systems are designed to work with any type of vegetation, whether they grow in containers or in the ground. The systems are either monitored by a timer or a sensor that detects when the soil is dry.

We have the knowledge to help you design and install the perfect drip irrigation system. Our mission is to provide clients with solutions that are environmentally sound, cost-effective, and low-maintenance. We are committed to completing every project with the highest quality and utmost attention to detail.





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Benefits of Drip Irrigation Systems

In most cases, a traditional sprinkler system will be used for landscape irrigation. However, this method wastes much of the water through evaporation, wind and runoff. This can be a great concern in arid regions where water is scarce. By contrast, drip irrigation delivers water directly to the vegetation. This ensures that most of the applied liquid reaches its destination.

It conserves resources by supplying just the right amount of water, at the right time, resulting in better plant growth. Drip irrigation improves plant health by delivering nutrients directly to their roots rather than through the soil, where bacteria and fungi might cause nutrients to break down before they reach the plants. This type of watering system can also reduce weeds.

Another advantage of drip irrigation is that it requires less maintenance than other forms of irrigation. Simply check the drip emitters periodically and change the filters every few months. If you have any leaks in the line, you can easily fix them without making a big mess or wasting a lot of water.

Drip Irrigation Installers

01. Assessment – You will get an evaluation from a qualified specialist. Our technicians consider many variables for new drip systems. We usually assess factors like the vegetation type, soil condition, slope of the land, and sun exposure. Our experts then create a design with specific requirements.

02. Installation – The process of installing a drip system should preferably be done by an irrigation specialist. We begin by laying out the tubing on your yard and securing it with plastic stakes. We then install the drip emitters and any other necessary components that make it possible to turn on the system.

03. Maintenance – Once the system is installed, you will be given an orientation of how to use all of the system’s components and how to properly maintain it. Be persistent with the maintenance of your irrigation system in order to prolong its life and keep your garden healthy. In addition, we will be happy to answer all of your questions concerning the new irrigation device.

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Drip Irrigation Repair in Bakersfield

If you are experiencing difficulties with your drip system, first determine whether any parts are missing or broken, then check that all parts are connected properly and that there is no obstruction in the system itself. If you have replaced any parts, make sure that they are compatible with other components.

Drip irrigation systems often include an automatic controller, which carefully regulates the amount of flow that passes through the tubing. If there are problems with this part, you will likely see clogging at certain points or sections of your watering system. To remedy this issue, simply loosen the tubing at those locations and ensure that it is free-flowing once more.

If you are unsure on how to fix the drip system, then contact our Bakersfield sprinkler repair team. We will make sure to inspect all of the parts and replace any items that are broken or worn-out. Our crew has experience with all kinds of irrigation systems and can quickly identify where the problem lies.

Residential & Commercial

We have been providing high-quality services to residential and commercial customers. Our employees are trained, courteous and knowledgeable in their field of work. We have an expert team which can provide you with the best advice on how to keep your sprinkler system in top condition. We can also install modern irrigation devices for any type of landscape.


Fix damaged parts to preserve the efficiency of the irrigation system and health of the landscape vegetation.


Every irrigation system requires periodical maintenance to operate adequately throughout the entire year.


Automate manual labor and reduce water bills by adding modern components to an irrigation system.


Nowadays, there are two mainstream irrigation systems that most property owners chose to install.

Call Our Licensed Technicians

We are here to serve you. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business philosophy and the key to our success. Our mission is to provide you with the most complete and cost-effective irrigation solutions. Schedule an estimate at your convenience.

We provide irrigation services for every season and type of vegetation. Our team is trained to service all brands of irrigation devices, and they are equipped with the latest tools and technology. We work hard to make sure that your lawn is healthy, vibrant and green all year long.