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The modern drip irrigation system is one of the most efficient methods to water vegetation. Ever since its invention in the 1930s, it has seen widespread use in agriculture. It eventually made its way into the landscapes of traditional US households.

Nevertheless, installing a drip irrigation system can turn into a fairly complicated task. Without the precise knowledge, components such as the backflow preventer or valve manifold can be difficult to setup. Truth is, most DIY amateurs make common mistakes that unfortunately shorten the lifespan of the system.

As experts with years of experience in the irrigation industry, we ensure that every system is properly installed and configured to preserve its longevity. Contact us to schedule an on-site inspection. We will assess the specific needs of your landscape and quote a reasonable price for our installation services.

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A drip irrigation system has a plethora of advantages, especially for small to medium-sized lawns. The most relevant benefits include water conservation and the ability to manipulate the growth of greenery.

The components of drip systems guarantee that most water is absorbed by the soil, minimizing runoff and evaporation. Hence, drip systems exceed 90% efficiency and have an output that is measured in gallons per hour. In contrast, typical sprinkler systems are only 50% to 70% efficient and their water consumption is measured in gallons per minute.

While spray sprinklers excel at irrigating large green areas, drip systems focus on directly watering specific sections of a landscape. The emitters found on drip lines are strategically positioned to irrigate the roots of vegetation, preventing loss of nutrients and soil erosion. This peculiar watering method improves the growth of plants, garden beds, and vegetables.


Are you considering installing a drip irrigation system? With our competitive rates and unparalleled expertise, you cannot go wrong! Our company follows a simple four-step process that will maximize the functionality of your future investment.

01. Assessment – First, our technicians conduct a thorough inspection of your landscape to determine the best design for the irrigation system.

02. Estimate – After the initial analysis, we calculate the total costs of installing the drip system and give you a detailed quote based on the work involved.

03. Installation – Once you approve the estimate, our technicians proceed to assemble the system. This involves installing the backflow preventer, valves, pressure regulator, filter, drip lines, emitters, and all other essential components.

04. Maintenance – We offer optional follow-up maintenance to preserve the irrigation system in optimal condition. Upkeep tasks include inspections, tune-ups, winterizations, spring startups, backflow tests, and general service calls.

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Complex maintenance tasks, like backflow testing, should only be performed by an experienced irrigation technician. However, this does not mean you cannot perform basic maintenance on a drip system to ensure its adequate operation in the foreseeable upcoming years. If you are an active DIY property owner, here are some maintenance tips you can implement to prolong the durability of a drip system:

Clean Filters – If the water source used by the drip system contains debris or dirt, then clean the filters once a month to avoid blockages and disrepairs.

Unclog Emitters – Even with clean water, it is possible for minerals to accumulate inside the emitters. Flushing the drip system frequently and utilizing water-soluble fertilizer helps dissolve unwanted substances.

Seal Punctures – Inspect the drip tubings and search for possible punctures. If you find any, seal them with goof plugs to stop the water from leaking out.

Repair Leaks – In case an external component is leaking due to wear and tear, you will need to replace it. Underground leaks are tougher to detect, but a clear sign of them is an expensive water bill.


There is no doubt that drip irrigation systems have certain advantages over traditional sprinkler systems. Although, this comes at a cost. Drip systems are intricate mechanical tools that require constant maintenance to function properly.

It is very likely that a neglected drip system will malfunction at some point. If yours fails to perform accordingly due to a lack of maintenance, then call us. Our irrigation technicians can quickly diagnose existing issues affecting the system and provide an affordable solution.

We have built a reputation in the Bakersfield area as the most reliable irrigation company. Our trained technicians cannot only help you install the ideal drip system, they also make sure it performs efficiently for years to come with maintenance and repair services.