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Watering the grass becomes an essential task to preserve the health of your lawn, unless you have an affordable artificial grass installation. Why let a broken sprinkler head get in your way? Located in the Kern County, our company is committed to the longevity and protection of your irrigation system all year round.

With reasonable prices, our licensed professionals are on standby and ready to tackle any trouble you may encounter. The systems we restore are extremely complex, so we do not recommend that anyone besides an irrigation technician make the repairs. Troubleshooting a sprinkler system is more than just changing the heads that are misbehaving.

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We have years of experience and an expert team that can provide you with the best advice on how to keep your sprinkler system in top condition. We can also install modern irrigation devices for any type of landscape vegetation.

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We are here to serve the Bakersfield community. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. Our team is trained to service all brands of irrigation devices, and they are equipped with the latest tools. We work hard to make sure that your lawn is green all year long.

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Controller – At the heart of an irrigation system lies the controller, a sophisticated device acting much like the brain of the operation. It determines the timing of the watering cycles, thereby ensuring that the landscape receives the optimal amount of water at the right times.

Valves – Next in the line of operation are the valves, crucial for controlling the flow of water to different segments of the lawn. They act on the commands sent from the controller, opening to release water and closing to halt its flow, thereby segmenting the lawn into different irrigation zones.

Pipes – Pipes, often unseen beneath the surface, serve as the arteries of irrigation systems across the Bakersfield area. They channel water from its source to the various dispersal units throughout the lawn. Made from materials designed to withstand the pressure within, these pipes are laid out strategically.

Sprinkler heads – Sprinkler heads are the visible part of the system, emerging from the ground to deliver water in precise patterns across the lawn. Available in various shapes, they are carefully positioned to provide even coverage.

Drip emitters – For those in Bakersfield seeking a more targeted approach, especially for areas with delicate plants, drip emitters come into play. These devices deliver water directly to the base of plants, minimizing evaporation and ensuring that every drop goes where it’s most needed.

Absolutely, lawn irrigation systems require regular maintenance to ensure their efficiency and longevity. Here are some tips that can prevent malfunctions.

Examine the irrigation zones – Look for any debris that could potentially restrict the movement of sprinkler heads and cause future malfunctions.

Prepare for the winter months – Be sure to empty the water out of your equipment and to turn it off. Leave all the valves and backflow open to drain it. By removing all the water out of your sprinkler installation, the underground pipes will be protected from the freezing temperatures that Bakersfield experiences.

Professional spring start-up – Restarting a system requires many steps, including checking for leaks, battery replacement, and adjustments to rain sensors, water pressure, and sprinkler heads.

Get backflow testing – It is required by law in Bakersfield to have the backflow tested annually. This will not only save you from paying hefty fines, but also keep your water safe from contamination.

Dry patches – This indicates that your irrigation system is not covering the full surface area of the lawn and is typically caused by faulty sprinkler heads.

Overwatering – Patches of saturated soil in Bakersfield indicate overwatering. This can be caused by leaks, rotation problems, and incorrect zone settings within your sprinkler system.

Coughing heads – If your equipment is not watering consistently it could lead to underwatering. This can be the result of clogging or issues with the internal valves.

Pressure problems – Indicated by dripping sprinkler heads. This problem arises when the valves and regulators have been compromised.

Higher bills – In Bakersfield, an unusual fluctuation in your water utility bill can be associated with a system leak.

In general, Bakersfield homeowners may encounter basic service call fees ranging from $20 to $60 simply to have a professional examine their system. This fee often does not include the actual repair work. Minor repairs, such as replacing a sprinkler head or fixing a broken valve, could cost anywhere between $150 to $250.

More complex issues like repairing a malfunctioning controller, dealing with electrical problems, or resolving underground pipe leaks can drive the cost higher. In Bakersfield, these types of repairs can start at around $300 and can soar to several hundred dollars, particularly if extensive excavation is involved.

01. Inspection – The repair process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current watering system. Our irrigation technicians in Bakersfield will perform this inspection to accurately determine the specific issues affecting the system.

02. Estimate – Once the assessment of your system has been made, our technicians will be able to point out any critical repairs that need to be addressed. This will ensure that you are given a proper estimate based on labor and parts.

03. Repair – Now that an estimate has been established, you will be walked through the system and shown where all the repairs will be made. Each repair will be prioritized in order of importance to give you the most reliable irrigation system possible.

Antiquated irrigation devices in Bakersfield require constant repairs. Fortunately, outdated systems can be replaced. But how can you determine that it is time for a replacement? Here are some clues:

Persistent leaks – Winter can be brutal for irrigation systems in Bakersfield, causing underground leaks. The freezing that occurs will start to deteriorate parts and can cause permanent damage.

Faulty electrics – An automated system will turn on and off hundreds of times per year. Overtime, this can lead to the electrical failure of your irrigation controller.

System deterioration – If your irrigation device has more than fifteen years of service, it will likely start breaking down. A replacement will end up being more affordable than paying for multiple repairs.