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Irrigation Repair in Bakersfield, CA

Few things are more important to the success of your landscaping than getting a watering device that meets your needs. Our company is ready to help with the design, installation and maintenance of your irrigation system.

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Quality Irrigation Services

Watering the grass becomes an essential task to preserve the health of your lawn, unless you have an affordable artificial grass installation. Why let a broken sprinkler head get in your way? Located in the Kern County, our company is committed to the longevity and protection of your irrigation system all year round. If you are having issues with a sprinkler system, you need to solve the problem quickly.

With reasonable prices, our licensed professionals are on standby and ready to tackle any trouble you may encounter after a sprinkler installation in Bakersfield. The systems we restore are extremely complex, so we do not recommend that anyone besides an irrigation technician make repairs.

Troubleshooting a sprinkler system is more than just changing the heads that are misbehaving. You have to identify whether the problem comes from an underground line or one of the valves, and then fix it. Nonetheless, our professionals always give honest assessments of the situation.





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Sprinkler System Problems

Dry patches – This indicates that your irrigation system is not covering the full surface area of the lawn and is typically caused by faulty sprinkler heads.

Overwatering – Patches of soft or over-saturated soil are a result of overwatering. This can be caused by leaks, rotation problems, and incorrect zone settings within your sprinkler system.

Coughing heads – If your equipment is not watering consistently it could lead to underwatering. This can be the result of clogging or issues with the internal valves.

Pressure problems – Indicated by dripping sprinkler heads. This problem arises when the valves and regulators have been compromised.

Higher bills – An unusual fluctuation in your water utility bill can be associated to a system leak.

Bakersfield Sprinkler Repair

01. Inspection – The repair process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current watering system. Our irrigation technicians will perform this inspection in order to accurately determine the specific issues affecting the system and optimize its overall performance.

02. Estimate – Once the assessment of your system has been made, our technicians will be able to point out any critical repairs that need to be addressed. This will ensure that you are given a proper estimate based on labor and parts, saving you both time and money.

03. Repair – Now that an estimate has been established, you will be walked through the system and shown where all the repairs and adjustments will be made. Each repair will be prioritized in order of importance to give you the most eco-friendly and reliable irrigation system possible.

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Irrigation System Replacement

Antiquated irrigation devices require constant maintenance and repairs. Fortunately, outdated systems can be replaced. But how can you determine that it is time for a replacement? Here are some clues:

Persistent leaks – Winter can be brutal on an irrigation system in Bakersfield, causing underground leaks. The freezing that occurs will start to deteriorate parts and can cause permanent damage.

Faulty electrics – An automated system will turn on and off hundreds of times per year. Overtime, this can lead to the electrical failure of your irrigation controller and zone valves.

System deterioration – If your irrigation device has more than fifteen years of service, it will likely start breaking down. A replacement will end up being more affordable than paying for multiple repairs.

Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Examine the irrigation zones – Look for any debris or grass clippings that could potentially restrict the movement of sprinkler heads and cause future malfunctions.

Prepare for the winter months – Be sure to empty the water out of your equipment and to turn it off. Leave all the valves and backflow open to drain it. By removing all the water out of your irrigation system, the underground pipes will be protected from freezing temperatures.

Professional spring start-up – Restarting a system requires many steps, including checking for leaks, battery replacement, and adjustments to rain sensors, water pressure, and sprinkler heads.

Get backflow testing – It is required by law in some States to have the backflow tested annually. This will not only save you from paying hefty fines, but also keep your water safe from contamination.

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Residential & Commercial

We have been providing high-quality services to residential and commercial customers. Our employees are trained, courteous and knowledgeable in their field of work. We have an expert team which can provide you with the best advice on how to keep your sprinkler system in top condition. We can also install modern irrigation devices for any type of landscape.


Fix damaged parts to preserve the efficiency of the irrigation system and health of the landscape vegetation.


Every irrigation system requires periodical maintenance to operate adequately throughout the entire year.


Automate manual labor and reduce water bills by adding modern components to an irrigation system.


Nowadays, there are two mainstream irrigation systems that most property owners chose to install.

Call Our Licensed Technicians

We are here to serve you. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business philosophy and the key to our success. Our mission is to provide you with the most complete and cost-effective irrigation solutions. Schedule an estimate at your convenience.

We provide irrigation services for every season and type of vegetation. Our team is trained to service all brands of irrigation devices, and they are equipped with the latest tools and technology. We work hard to make sure that your lawn is healthy, vibrant and green all year long.