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When it comes to the well-being of your lawn, the grass really is greener when you water it. Why let a broken sprinkler head get in your way? Located in Bakersfield, California, our sprinkler repair company is committed to the longevity and protection of your irrigation system to ensure that it remains tough and energy-efficient all year round.

Our qualified irrigation professionals are on standby and ready to tackle any problem you’re having with your sprinkler system in a thorough and reasonably priced manner. This means you get to save the green in your yard as well as the green in your wallet. With Bakersfield Sprinkler Repair, one visit gets it done.

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Dry patches – This indicates that your sprinklers are not covering the full surface area of your lawn and is typically caused by a faulty sprinkler head.

‘Coughing’ sprinkler heads – If your sprinkler is not watering consistently it could lead to under-watering. This can be the result of clogging or issues with the internal valves.

Over-watering – Patches of soft or over-saturated soil are a result of overwatering.  This can be caused by leaks, rotation problems, and incorrect zone settings within your irrigation system.

Pressure problems – Indicated by a dripping sprinkler head. This problem arises when the valves and regulators have been compromised.

Rising water bills – An irregular spike in your water bill can be linked to a leak within your irrigation system.


Inspection – The repair process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current sprinkler system. Our irrigation technicians will perform this inspection in order to accurately determine your system’s specific issues and optimize its efficiency and overall performance.

Estimate – Once an assessment of your system has been made, our Bakersfield technicians will be able to point out any critical repairs that need to be addressed. This will ensure that you are given a proper estimate based on the needed repairs, saving you both time and money.

Repair – Now that an estimate has been established, you will be walked through your system and shown where all repairs and adjustments will be made. Each repair will be prioritized in order of importance to give you the most eco-friendly and reliable irrigation system possible.

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Check on your sprinkler heads – Look for any debris or grass clippings that could potentially restrict your sprinkler head’s movements and cause future malfunctions.

Get your backflow checked – If you own an automatic sprinkler system, it is required by law that you have your backflow connection tested annually. This will not only save your irrigation system, but also keep your water safe from contamination as well.

Prepare for the winter months – Be sure to empty the water out of your sprinkler and to turn it off. Leave all the valves on your backflow half open. By draining all the water out of your irrigation system, you can avoid freezing water and a damaged pipe.


Here are a few reasons it might be time for an upgrade.

Rotary and spray heads are sticking up – This occurs when the springs in your sprinkler heads lose tension from overuse.

System leaks – The winter months can be brutal on your system, causing leakage. The freezing that occurs will start to wear out your sprinkler’s components and can cause permanent damage.

Faulty electrical components – An automated system will turn on and off hundreds of times per year. Overtime, this can lead to electrical failure within your sprinkler controller and zone valves.

Your system is old – If your irrigation system is 15+ years old, it will likely start breaking down. An upgrade will end up saving you more money than an inevitable replacement.


There are lots of things your lawn can say about you, and you don’t want a faulty sprinkler system to get in your way. Whether your yard is a place to work, play, or enjoy the great outdoors, Bakersfield Sprinkler Repair guarantees your property will look healthy and green all year round.

Call our experienced irrigation technicians to provide you with the highest quality customer service, technical expertise, and industry knowledge in your area!